Grand Canyon with a Dog


Where to Stay:

Ditch the Dog:

  • South Rim Kennel ph: (928) 638-0534

The Grand Canyon was one of the most scenic and most dog friendly stays on our road trip. Although like most National Parks, dogs aren’t allowed on the trails- only paved roads. However, unlike most National Parks there are great  dog-friendly alternatives at the Grand Canyon, South Rim.


The South Rim Path is completely paved and therefore, dog friendly. At 12 miles long, you can spend the whole day walking with your dog.


We stayed the night at the Yavapai Lodge and tucked into one of their cozy little dog-friendly cabins. It was a basic little place, but nice enough and a super comfortable refuge after a long day of hiking.


If you want to hike the the trails that run down into the Grand Canyon, you’ve gotta ditch the dog. BUT, no worries: there is a super affordable kennel where your fur-baby will be well cared for and can play with other dogs all day. All you have to do is have proof of vaccinations including Bordetella. The kennel worker was super kind and took extra care to make sure Miley – who can be a bit shy at first, was comfortable and happy.


It was winter when we went, so we did both the Bright Angel and Mather trails part way down into the Grand Canyon after dropping Miley off for the day. All three of us got a ton of exercise – us busting our bums on the trail and Miley running around in the snow. We all slept super well. 10 out of 10 road trip stay at the Grand Canyon with our dog!

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