Iceland Winter Road Trip | Day 3

Three is a lucky number.


  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Crystal Beach
  • Ice Cave Tour
  • Vik Beach
  • Camping at Hamragardar

Our third day road tripping in Iceland was definitely full of luck and filled us with awe and wonder. By day we explored under ice, by night our gazes were fixed on the sky, as the northern lights put on a show.


We started off the day with a walk around the glacier lagoon where fresh water from the glaciers meets the briny water of the ocean creating a channel where icebergs float out to sea. We don’t normally opt in to tours, but the lagoon serves as the starting point for tours to the ice caves of the glaciers, and as there is no way to go on your own, we decided to see if there was any availability for the day — and there was in the early afternoon!


With a couple hours to burn, we drove over to Crystal Beach where the glacier lagoon empties icebergs to the black sand beach. The ice glitters on the sand like crystals, hence the name. I climbed some rocks and watched the tide.



The ice cave tour was such an adventure, and winter is the only season in which cave tours are possible. Our group of 8 climbed into a special 4WD vehicle designed to traverse the surface of the glaciers. Our guide cracked jokes and gave us a rundown of the history of the glacial landscape in the area and how the caves are formed by spring rainfall carving underground rivers which empty in winter. We strapped some crampons to our shoes, and in to the cave of blue ice we ventured.


Afterwards, we started our back track, and drove back to Vik to catch the sunset on the black sand beach. Beautiful.


We decided to camp back at Hamragardar. As nightfall started it became evident that nature had a show in store for us, so we stopped multiple times along the side of the road to watch the aurora dancing in the sky. Our night ended at the glowing waterfall which provided the most magical foreground to the lit up sky.

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