Iceland 4 Day Winter Road Trip


Steaming hot springs, blue glaciers, active volcanoes, and waterfalls at every turn; Iceland is truly an incredible land of fire and ice. Even in the harshest of it’s seasons, it is impossible not to be completely enchanted by the magnificence at every turn. In mid-March, Iceland has about 10 hours of sunlight and snowstorms tend to be lighter – a good time to experience the countryside blanketed in white.


We rented a camper van from GoCampers in Reykjavik, stocked up on sandwich making supplies and hot dogs (Iceland’s favorite food), and set out on what is easily the most beautiful trip I’ve been on.


  • Rent a portable modem for navigating
  • Be ready for snowstorms
  • Constantly check Vedur for the weather & aurora forecast

Here’s our 4 day itinerary with each day as a link because there was too much show and tell for one post:


Day 3: Southern Iceland Coast

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