5 Must-Do’s in Prague

“Once upon a time there was a land called Bohemia. In all the land there was not a city larger or more beautiful than its capital: Prague. The city was bewitched and frozen in medieval splendor that endured for centuries to come, enticing visitors to experience the charms of the old life.”  -My Imaginary Travel Fairytale Book


I absolutely fell in love with Prague at first sight. I found myself staying in a medieval style lodge on a narrow cobblestone street and was immediately enchanted by the atmosphere of the city that I had yet to explore. If you’ve ever fantasized about being a princess, prince, Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of Zelda, Game of Thrones, or Frozen character, you should add Prague to your next Europe travel itinerary. (I think that pretty much covers everyone!) If you do find yourself in magical Prague; firstly: nice choice, I wish I was there, and second: here are some things you must do.

1. Visit Old Town Square


The Old Town Square is a cobblestone mecca of artisan shops, museums, and street performers, and is surrounded by beautiful buildings. It’s the setting of a modern medieval festival of activity. The famous Astronomical Clock presides over the square in all its glory. You’ll be able to tell when your zodiac time of the day is, and if you come near the turning of a new hour you’ll be treated to its bells and cuckoo show.


2. See Prague Castle


The largest ancient castle in the world complete with hidden treasure; Prague castle has been home to kings of Bohemia, emperors of Rome, and presidents of Czechoslovakia and holds the Bohemian Crown Jewels somewhere within its stone walls. You can delight in the history, explore the chapel and grounds, or simply take selfies with the stone faced guards.


3. Cross Charles Bridge in the Evening


Charles Bridge is a major happening spot in Prague and has been crossed by visitors for around 700 years. The early morning will get you some good shots of the bridge with minimal crowds, however my favorite time for visiting the bridge is at night. When the sun goes down, the bridge lights up and comes alive with music and street performances. I visited all three nights I was there to catch an amazing string quartet doing instrumental covers of modern favorites ranging from Mamma Mia to Call Me Maybe

4. Have a Medieval Dinner


This might be one of the most touristy things to do in Prague, but it was one of my favorites! Throughout Prague there are restaurants offering a medieval dinner and show, which at first glance seems corny, especially when mannequins dressed up in period costume loiter outside the doors. However, I got enticed inside just after the show had begun and only had to pay a fraction of the ticket price. (keep that in mind if you want to get a discount). We were led into a stone dungeon that was authentically historic and were entertained with medieval music, stunts, and fire, lots of fire. It was so much fun and the food was totally delicious, unlike what I’ve come to expect from most dinner theater.

5. Drink Beer


In Prague beer is part of the experience. The Czech Republic doesn’t have the taxes that most other countries do on beer because here it is seen as an essential of daily life and culture. The result is that it costs about the same as a bottled water or soda at most restaurants. Beer gardens and microbreweries are also plentiful in local craft brews. I personally recommend U Tri Ruzi Microbrew Cafe.


…And Indulge Your Curiosities


Prague is a city that truly has something for everyone. There are tons of adventures based on what appeals to you. The John Lennon Wall for the flower children, the largest 5 story Discotheque in Central Europe for the party animals, the Torture Museum for the morbidly curious, the Anonymous Bar for the conspiracy theorists, and day trip options to the Bone Church or other castles; you can indulge your curiosities at multiple city spots.


Prague is full of classic fairytale beauty from its cobblestone steps to the spires of its castle. The enchantment of this Central European city is notorious and it’s full of fun to be had. Dive in, and don’t miss the experiences on this list!


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