Bajul Mati “Dead Crocodile” Beach


Somewhere on the southern coast of East Java, the coast, covered in dense greenery jettisons out in a way that reminded locals of a crocodile. Since that crocodile never moves  it is surely dead, why else would it sit there with the waves of the tropical ocean lapping at it’s feet all day? Or did it die because it never wanted to leave?

The beaches on Java are like little secret pieces of paradise. Everyone knows that they’re there but they aren’t visited often because of the culture. The result is a clean almost private for those of us who do like to get tanned and swim around like mermaids for hours.


SAM_2710 SAM_2698

One section of this beach has a stretch of dead coral protruding like a shelf that breaks the waves. The result is a breath taking waterfall that replenishes a calm swimming pool of water leading in from the beach. The crystal clear water reveals fish darting about and multicolored shells beneath your feet.

SAM_2705 SAM_2728

dfgmm  SAM_2721




There’s even a grotto near the pool for when you really want to feel like a mermaid


Local coconut farmers were eager to sell their produce to us and cut open a couple of coconuts for our refreshment while we lounged in a cabana.


Sometimes I forget that I live in a tropical paradise where in a two hour drive I can be at a beach that resembles the stock photo wallpapers that come complimentary with every computer. Getting out there is good for the body, mind, and soul.


A day trip out with your two best friend can really remind you how lucky are, and some gorgeous scenery can’t hurt either.

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