Universal Studios Singapore


Growing up in Southern California, I lived about 30 minutes from Universal Studios Hollywood. When I found myself in Singapore to take the GRE exam, I decided to see how Singapore does Universal Studios. Frazzled and brain dead, I decided to take the advice of my 9 year old students and go ride some rides. I found it was the perfect place to shake the stress off and treat myself to a day of juvenile delights that I hadn’t experienced since my sweet sixteenth birthday.

GOPR0008 GOPR0014 GOPR0015 GOPR0018 GOPR0023

It was the cleanest, neatest, most modern theme park that I had ever been to, lacking the movie sets and history that Hollywood has to offer, but offering an amazing atmosphere and amazing rides. Transformers 3D, the Mummy Returns, and the Jurassic Park ride were my favorites. I laughed, screamed and ran from ride to ride like I didn’t just take a 4 hour exam to get into graduate school. Oh where did the years go?

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