The Largest Aquarium in the World

Going to aquariums entails a ritual dance that is apparently universal: it’s like the fox trot of competition for the coveted privilege of pressing your nose up to the glass to watch the fishies swim round. No age is exempt from this ritual, I was sidestepping knee-high nose pressers to gain a glass front position to see the underwater spectacular, and this is after diving the Great Barrier Reef. When experiencing the magic of aquariums, the need to nose-press is almost inherent, much to the dismay of the 4 year old in front of me who had seriously overstayed his welcome in front of the jellies. I was a child again anxious to have a close up peek and be temporarily transported into the blue world that I have such an affinity for.

IMG_1158 IMG_1151  IMG_1163IMG_1169

Singapore S.E.A Aquarium is the proud and amazing holder of the Guinness Book of World Record’s title “World’s Largest Aquarium” In addition to being the biggest they also have the largest viewing panel in the world complete with a mini amphitheater and surround sound to create an ambiance that had me wanting to lay down for hours and watch the fish, sharks, and manta rays go by. No nose-pressing necessary.


Oh yeah and one more World Record: the longest aquarium tunnel where you can watch sea turtles gracefully soar above you, and marvel at massive white shark bellies from inside a huge hamster tube. (Remember when those were magical for about ten minutes until you actually had the world’s most useless pet living in your room and it wouldn’t even go in its stinking tubes, just pee down them? Yeah, me too)

 IMG_1205 IMG_1186 IMG_1193 IMG_1196 

Here’s a video by lemon fairy on Youtube – because her HD camera, did a lot better job of capturing the Aquarium than my iPod Touch. If you find yourself in Singapore, its definitely worth the trip over to Sentosa Resort Park to behold the magic of the largest aquarium in the world. At the very least it’s an easy cross off your bucket list: Visit a Guinness Book of World Site.

4 thoughts on “The Largest Aquarium in the World

    • hahah god mom, you know I though that hamster lovers like you would have something to say about that. Thanks for your first comment ever protecting the honor of our dearly departed dead hamster. RIP Teddy –2003


  1. Great insights to your adventure and very entertaining. I really like the new look and layout of your site too. Keep the stories coming with that trademark Andrea animated creativity. Special thanks to Maria for bringing out that added insight to hamster tubes and a peek into life at home with Teddy, the best-ever hamster – RIP.


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