Bromo Marathon: The Tengger Arts and Culture Festival

On the eve of the Bromo Marathon, the sun set and the spotlight rose on the stage for the Tengger Arts and Culture Festival put on by the local schools. The traditional dances impressed with the richness of their colors and the ornamentation of their dress. Every step and sway has been done the same way for years. It was a beautiful way to see the children that the race would be helping: proud children with a unique culture and tradition (not to mention incredibly adorable).

IMG_0385 IMG_0393IMG_0421IMG_0459IMG_0642IMG_0525  

For the finale there was the telling of the legend that the Tengger villages hold so dear: The Legend of Kusuma and Mount Bromo. The Hindu King and Queen of the Tengger were happily married for many years but they could not have a child so they prayed to the Gods to have children. The gods don’t usually do favors for free and so they strike a deal that they will be granted many children but the last one must be sacrificed back to them. When Kusuma their last son came of age the gods came to collect their debt but the parents refused so the gods upped the stakes. Mount Bromo would erupt and destroy their kingdom if they didn’t sacrifice Kusuma to them. In the end Kusuma sacrifices himself and becomes the Hero of the Tengger.

IMG_0697  IMG_0708

The Queen’s dance praying for children


Prince Kusuma decides to sacrifice himself for his people


The sacrificial procession


The sacrifice is made


The King and Queen praying at the volcano


The cast shows their Tenggerese pride

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