Japan: Photoblog

Going to Japan is like going to what you thought the future would be like in the year 2000 circa your eight year old self with the ability and audacity to imagine a better than first world world. Although in December 1999 I never saw a Dixie plate with the words ” In the future the toilet seat will warm your butt and have a special setting for feminine hygiene.”

With bullet trains shaped like the space crafts of my elementary school imagination going at blur speed, restaurants in the back of vending machines supplying hungry people on the go, signs written solely in the beautiful, enigmatic characters that I admired while watching  Pokemon, and buildings so modern that making an entrance posed a challenge; I felt like a 80 year old that got handed an iPad that was named life in Japan. Not knowing what half the signs said, figuring how to make the toilet stop squirting my butt with a pressure perfect stream at exactly body temperature were challenges that accompanied being surrounded by outrageously bold, hip fashion, tailored suits, leather briefcases of the ultra professional, and adorable school uniforms that I had dreamed of owning since my days of playing Sailor Moon on the playground in 3rd grade. All details that emphasized the awe I felt visiting the land of city lights, sushi and breathtaking landscapes.

The preservation of a rich and beautiful traditional culture entwined so closely with the innovation of cutting edge technology made Japan the most visually unique journey I have ever been on; from conveyor belt sushi bars, immaculately clean cityscapes that radiate a full spectrum of light, to giggling kimono clad beauties visiting large ornate temples, and outdoor hot spring baths enclosed by rice paper framed sliding doors.


IMG_6041-2 IMG_5976IMG_6213 IMG_4625_2Untitled-1


IMG_5960 IMG_4618-2 IMG_4614-2



Viewing Mt. Fuji

IMG_6097-4  IMG_4759

my outdoor bath



IMG_4789 IMG_4799 IMG_4884 IMG_6145



temple of the unknown soldier of WW2


conveyor belt sushi


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