Teaching Ingrris

10 faces staring at me all had the same expression written on them; an expression of utter confusion that immediately brought a certain acronym to mind: “W.T.F?” It’s an acronym that accompanied me on many a  bike ride home after class at UCSB, which got me to thinking:

I think we’ve all had THAT class at least once. The one where no matter what, you can’t help but feel totally and completely, hopelessly lost. You’ve already figured out your cheating plan for if and when all else fails, but you’re reluctant to cling to that shameful last resort as your only hope. So now you’re just trying to scoop up that 10% for attendance by sitting in lecture with the teacher talking at you. Words soaring right over your head like a flock of migrating geese threatening to defecate on you and your pathetic blank piece of notebook paper. You try to scribble down notes in whatever language they’re currently speaking  in this alternate dimension that you have involuntarily been launched into, but all your efforts are as barren as Betty White.

You look around to see if you can recognize another WTF face nearby so you can commiserate in your shared WTF’ed-ness.  Desperate for affirmation that this class has indeed slipped through a wrinkle in time.

“Ummm, WTF is our professor talking about?”

Instead, they’re like:

“Man, I offered you some breakfast brownie to help you get on this level of thinking. He’s talking about the phenomena of consciousness in regards to Lewe’s Theory of Emergent Evolution. Duh. WTF is wrong with you?”

(Why are all your genius friends stoners?)

…And that’s when you start to regret that your pivotal decision in enrollment hinged on the red chili pepper icon for hotness on ratemyprofessor.com.

Okay, close memory lane and you get the urge to rush out for red dixie cups and ping pong balls.

Looking out at those inquisitive faces, some framed by chiffon jilhabs, all slowly growing devoid of hope, I found determination.

It was in this suddenly clear moment of inspiration that I truly found my calling and ultimate goal as a teacher.

Working to eradicate “WTF?” from the faces of my students.

8 thoughts on “Teaching Ingrris

  1. I had no idea, hint, visible sign, not even an occasional slip of the tongue or misplaced twisted facial expression that foretold all the things that actually go on inside your head while you portray a quiet, calm and indifferent expression to others and all the chaos that goes on around you.

    I was just kidding when I asked you to “keep it down over there” and you were probably wondering how I knew all that noise was going on inside your head and figured it must somehow be surfacing and detectable by others.

    It’s great you can write and get some of that noise out. Admittedly, it is pretty funny and very entertaining to read.

    Also, after seeing you have changed “TEACHINGinIndonesia” to ANDREAinIndonesia”, my first thought was you were no longer pursuing teaching and were now just in Indonesia. Glad to see you’ve been challenged and are truly now on a teaching mission.

    Stay focused on the mission and keep the writings and entertainment value up!


    • I realized that I wasn’t really writing a whole lot about teaching and probably wouldn’t be focusing on that in the future, so I changed the name of my blog.
      Hahaha yeah, I’ve always been quiet and reserved, so I am sure that for anyone besides my family and close friends (exactly 8 people in the world) my attitude in my writing is pretty unexpected. I am glad that you’ve been enjoying it!


    • I know my writing probably is surprising after all the dinners with you and Peter where I’m quiet on the other end of the table, thinking: “god, I hope they like me, but how are they going to like me if I seem so boring! Talk! Be funny!” Silence. I’m quiet with everyone, not just my boyfriend’s parents if that helps…wish I could explain, but I can’t. I’m glad you are enjoying my posts. Thank you. 🙂


  2. I wonder what Andrea has been doing? The Typhoon was too far north so that couldn’t be it. I know she has the upper-hand or lowered-foot on the nightly bug battle so that can’t be it. She knows Ingress so should be doing well at her job. I hope she isn’t chasing the native boys, or patriots for that matter, and is sticking to the mission. The only alternative is for all of us readers who are hungry for more “Teaching Ingress in Indonesia” stories is to speculate and create our own story on what Andrea must be doing in Indonesia and post it for each other to read. Well Andrea????


  3. Good to hear “anything”, especially that you’re on task and challenged.
    Keep up the good work and updates, and entertain us when you can.


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