Adventure Time

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The hotel that Shane had booked for us was located in Kemang, which is a district in Jakarta known for its 5 story mall, and incredible variety of restaurants. We had a list of places to visit and food to eat prepared a good week before my arrival, this was as much Shane’s eagerly awaited luxurious vacation from village life as it was mine.

1. Seeing Sky Fall at the premiere movie theater. The Premiere movie theatre in the Lippo Mall makes the Arc Light look like a dumpy amphitheater for peasants and riffraff. I was seated in a theater of about 20 ultra plush push-button-to-recline seats set in small groups with tables next to them and equipped with personal packaged blankets. Waiters came around and took  orders for popcorn, drinks, snacks, lunches or steak dinners.

I slipped off my shoes, snuggled under my blanket and reclined until I was practically lying down and became immersed in James Bond’s latest plight and mysteriously troubled childhood.  I was left contemplating the age old question: “Who is this man Bond, and will his enigma always manage to elude us as much as the super model sloots that he is always hitting and quitting?”

2. Sea World Indonesia. There are many reasons to visit Sea World Indonesia, besides the awesome theme song, although I would put that as the number one reason alone:

Seea – World – Inno -Nesia,

Sea – World – Inno -Nesia,

Seeea – World – Inno -Nesia,

Sea – World – Inno -Nesia,

Seeea – World – Inno -Nesia,

Repeat. Literally, that is the whole song that plays the entire time sung by a chorus of little Indonesian cherubs. I wish I could sing it for you so you could experience its melodic magic. The “It’s a Small World” song doesn’t hold a candle to it.

Petting sharks, sea turtles, starfish, watching otter feeding time and exploring the giant aquarium tunnel were an added bonus.

3. Taman Mini is a museum that features the different architecture, gardens and costumes of the major cultural groups on the islands of Indonesia. It was an amazing way to get a crash course on Indonesian cultures all in one area. The buildings were ornate and beautiful, and the costumes were breathtaking.

Some areas were thick with school children on field trips. If you ever want to know what being famous feels like minus the coke binges and STD scares, just wave to a bus or group of Indonesian children. You will soon be surrounded by smiles and people taking pictures with you. Say you’re from California and you automatically hold rank with Justin Beiber.

4. Mexican food! I was just getting used to saying “Terimah Kasih!”(thank you in Indonesian). Now hearing Indonesian waitresses say “Gracias Senorita” made me giggle, and that was before my mango margarita(s). The Hacienda in Jakarta was easily the nicest Mexican restaurant that I’ve ever been to, and the food was delicious. Shane was ecstatic to have a taste of home. He had been craving Mexican food for months. I was stoked on the 2 for 1 happy hour! (I know you’re jealous of that Mangorita) >>>

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