4 Stars to No Stars

“My partner called to say the pension funds were gone,

he made some bad investments,

now the accounts are overdrawn.

I took a walk.”

I felt like a celebutante gone bankrupt as I bid farewell and silently mourned the empty black abyss in my heart occupying the place where contentment, comfort and luxurious living used to be. Leaving Kemang for TBI Fatmawati was like going from Beverly Hills to The Projects. Given, my apartment looks beautiful on the outside, with more vines hanging than streamers at a 5 year old’s birthday party. Inside it is the standard that most Indonesians live in, but they usually don’t have furnishings from the 1970’s. Check out my retro lamp and rad headboard (I’m glad it has saran wrap on it).

List of things I miss:

  1. Shane
  2. Toilet Paper
  3. Delicious Hotel Breakfasts
  4. NOT getting bit by mosquitoes
  5. A Full Length Mirror
  6. A Reliable Internet Connection
  7. The Koi Fish in the pond in the lobby (They were always so friendly)

Here is where I will live for the next month alone

Have you ever gotten bit by a mosquito on your face?

Have you had it happen 3 times in a row?

I have started a war with the natives and the battle ground is my room, right around that cozy bed area. I had fortified the sacred flesh of my body with a blanket, but seeing as I enjoy breathing, my face was left uncovered.

Now, mosquitoes usually prefer the filet mignon of wrists, ankles, legs, stomach but they will settle for the flank steak portions of forehead, cheek  and jawline. When dawn came I was able to have my revenge as my enemy was flying exponentially slower due to the fact that he now weighed about 10 times the amount as 7 hours previous after having forged himself on face blood. There was something so satisfying about reclaiming my blood with my own hands despite the fact that half my face now looks like Bruce Jenner after Botox and a face lift.

Having half my face swollen, looking like I have some sort of teenage cystic acne was exactly how I wanted to look on the first day of school. This way, if anyone in the class thought I may be around their age due to my well spoken mature mannerisms and ways of speaking, they could take a look at my face and immediately know that I’m probably around 10 years younger than them, probably estimating more due to my recent deformities.

Aside from that, it was like most first days of class: the infamous name game that I’ve been playing for about 16 years bi or tri-annually still induce panic and nausea at the mere thought of completing the task of saying my name and remembering the name of someone else, and then trying not to throw the ball at their face (which I accidentally did to Anna anyway)(see I remembered her name though).  There are 8 students to 2 teachers which is a ratio that I am so thankful to have.

The CELTA is rumored to be more of a HELL-TA, but hey, that’s why I came to the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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