7 Days….

A custom designed map made by me!

I am so excited for my upcoming adventure and will use this blogsite to document my experiences as an English teacher in Indonesia! I leave in 7 days  to get a CELTA certification in Jakarta at The British Institute and then start teaching in January.  Since I have an art degree and an anthropology minor, I will be photo documenting the whole process. I hope you enjoy my upcoming blog entries!

4 thoughts on “7 Days….

  1. Best of luck and I’ll hold lots of good thoughts for you as you take off and while you’re gone. I’ll miss seeing you around the sailing center, but very proud of you for taking such a big step outside your comfort zone and traveling across the globe in pursuit of such noble causes. Like a good sailor, keep the sails trimmed to take advantage of the winds, always keep a look out, and don’t get caught dragging your anchor. If the weather turns for the worse, a good sailor seeks safe harbor immediately. Fair winds and following seas, Capt Ken


  2. Andrea, you there yet? I’ve been at sea and thinking you’re just a few more islands over the horizon with Hawaii being in there somewhere.

    Well, how’s it going? I’m sure you’re busy with introductions, getting yourself set up and getting to know your way around.

    What a great adventure. Love to hear how it’s going and your initial thoughts on the whole thing. Still exciting or are you ready to come back? Inquiry minds want to know!


  3. Hi Ken,
    Yeah I am here. Iv’e been here for 5 days now. It is so different from the U.S, but I think I will grow into it. I am in a big city right now, but I can;t wait to travel to smaller villages, jungles and beaches. I like it so far. It’s going to take a while to get used to all alone but I will be fine.


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